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    Hi friends. One day, my grandpa asked me who I am. I was shocked by listening to that. I was wondering how he could forget me that easily. I was broken and I went to see my parents and I heard that he was ill. At first, they told me that he lost his memory. But later, I came to know that he was suffering from Alzheimer's. I was very sad realizing the fact that he won't recognize me anymore. But I still thought of taking care of him. I took him to his favorite places and his favorite eating spots. It never worked. Even though there is no hope, I still made him do some memory exercises and helped him with his daily needs. Then my parents realized that we could no longer help him with his basic needs. So, we thought of getting assistance. We searched for a home care company in Toronto. If you think there are better home care services for Alzheimer's patients, please do share your opinion!
    At C-Care we know finding quality home care is your top priority. We understand being in a familiar environment enhances quality of life and help preserve dignity.