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Is medical marijuana best for panik attack?

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  • Is medical marijuana best for panik attack?

    Hello everyone!!

    I'm planning to get the I had my first panic attack when I was 21. I was out shopping. Suddenly the lights seemed too bright, everything started to pulse slightly and I felt really nauseated.

    I had developed severe agoraphobia. I was having an irrational fear of public areas.
    I have attended almost 20 interviews but I didn't get the job anywhere. It's due to my problem of agoraphobia. My mom told me to solve my problems and she asked to take any medication. I'm confused. I heard about medical cannabis treatment which helps for people who are troubled with anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, depression, PTSD, cancer, Fibromyalgia, Chronic pain etc. Can someone share the pros and cons of this treatment? it would be a great help for me. I have taken the appointment in a clinic Alberta for the medical cannabis treatment suggested by my bf. He told me that he had a friend of similar experiences and he shared good results with me. My bf is supporting me a lot for this treatment. KIndly share your ideas.