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I have got multiple sclerosis

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  • I have got multiple sclerosis

    I am a fitness freak from Toronto. After a heavy workout, my ring finger on each hand started tingling. Now, both of my hands got invaded with numbness and tingling. I was constantly dropping things down. My mother scolded me for breaking her favorite kitchen utensils. I have become more tired than ever. When I consulted a doctor, he told me that I have got multiple sclerosis. Usually I wake with abnormal sensation in a portion of a limb, which gradually spreads inward toward the trunk, increasing in extent and intensity. It may extend to include the body trunk. Sometimes this is painful. I am not able to control the pain at times.

    My boyfriend asked me to seek treatment from a medical cannabis clinic. Is it effective in treating my condition? Is multiple sclerosis a disability? Is there any other complications involved?