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My friend is in a trouble

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  • My friend is in a trouble

    When my friend Clara moved to Vancouver, she had hundreds of questions about her accommodation, studies and food. I suggested shared accommodation at Vancouver which fulfills her need for an affordable amount. She is an ambitious girl and had to achieve heights in her life. She moved to Vancouver to complete her education. By God's grace, she got a new friend and they shared a room. She was very happy with the new atmosphere. But after a week, Clara started complaining about her roommate. At first, It seems to be a silly matter but later I noticed that she was not happy with her friend. I told her to discuss the issue with the roommate. It is difficult to solve the problem if the person accused did not even know their actions were considered disturbing. Some problems might have been caused by misunderstandings or different backgrounds leading to incorrect interpretations of gestures, customs or things that were said. But those remedies do not work in her case. She can't adjust with her roommate. She wants to stay in the same place because apart from her roommate, she is comfortable with the facilities there. My friend is in a trouble. If anyone suggests a remedy, it will be helpful to many students who face problems with roommates.