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Make your skin go lighter and fairer with benoquik or benoquin usage

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  • Make your skin go lighter and fairer with benoquik or benoquin usage

    Since time immemorial, the whole issue associated with fair skin has been a fascination for women. To keep their skin tone fairer and beautiful they have almost done everything and will do a lot more than what is done till date. Hence, to make this effort count, rests the availability of fairness creams or skin lightening creams consisting of Monobenzone .
    What is vitiligo?
    Vitiligo is a type of skin problem which has patches of white skin developing in the face of individuals. It normally affects people of darker skin tone more but people with lighter skin tone also get affected. Also, it affects people in a hereditary manner. However it may so happen that children whose parents have had vitiligo might not even get it. A jumping of generations can be found.
    Vitiligo affects a person Monobenzone in a very embarrassing way, such as parts of skin may get discoloured. So to relieve from this embarrassment, doctors often prescribe benoquin cream to their patients.
    Why prescribe benoquik or benoquin:
    • This cream is a skin lightening type of cream, which works by bleaching the area around the skin that has been harmed by vitiligo.
    • A very important component of this cream is monobenzone. This ingredient is a soluble organic chemical which helps in maintaining the whiteness of the cream.
    • What is most important about this skin lightening cream is that it is not soluble in water, primarily due to the presence of this chemical called monobenzone.
    • It has to be used twice or thrice on the skin per day to get the best results as prescribed by the doctor.
    • Continuous treatment needs to be done until complete cure is seen.
    • The chemical component monobenzone does not have a good resistance towards sunlight, so once this cream is used, sunlight should be avoided.
    To know more you can log onto for further details.
    Thus, white patches can now be easily removed only with regular usage of benoquin for best results.
    Benoquik is costly but benoquik gives better results than benoquin.