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Anyone used compression socks?

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  • Anyone used compression socks?

    Hi!! Has anyone here used compression stockings? How is your experience with it? I have been experiencing severe leg pain for the past few years and I thought it is because of aging. I'm 45 years old and I have been living with my elder daughter for the past 1 year.
    A few days back, I was not able to climb the stairs and I sat there for few minutes. My son in law saw my condition and took me to a nearby GP. After examining the GP said that I have varicose vein and this is the reason why I was not able to climb the stairs. He advised me not to climb the stairs anymore as my nerves will break and it will start bleeding.
    While researching online, I saw that people with varicose veins wear compression stocking for a relief. Has anyone here used it? How was your experience? I'm planning to buy compression stocking from Burlington. Can anyone recommend a good brand? Any suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks!!