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    Hi all,
    I’m a young Canadian Architect who loves to bring innovation in everything that I do. I got a mass project this month. As an architect, my observation is that Canada faces many challenges relating to its road transportation infrastructure. May be it's because of the country’s extensive land mass and often harsh climate, its high degree of urbanization, and its high level of trade dependency, aging road and highway infrastructure, limited finances, issues of road safety, and environmental considerations. These challenges force each and every architect of the country to consider new and innovative ways to enhance transportation infrastructure and competition for funding from social sectors such as health and education.
    Shipping containers are some of the most adaptable recyclables in the world. With some necessary custom modifications, a shipping container can be transformed into something useful. Among those things comes bridges. Traditional bridge construction used to cost a lot of money and time with majority of the cost going to specialists who construct the bridge and construction materials. This makes it the construction of bridges for less busy roads such as those on private farms, properties, and back roads almost inconceivable. People who want to build bridges on these kinds of roads often use substandard construction methods such as logs and timber. It works for most cases, but these are not safe or durable and could sometimes even be dangerous and costs a life. And the weight they can manage is very limited.

    There are containers whose features are ideal for bridge construction. Flat-rack containers.are best among them. Its design is optimal for transporting bulk and heavy goods. As a part of successfully completing 50 years in the industry, my company is planning to implement 50 container bridges across various locations in Canada. For this project, we are now in search for a good container provider company. My senior architect told me to enquire about a shipping containers company in Edmonton.

    We are looking for 20ft (6.06m) and 40ft (12.19m) variants. The length may vary according to the length of the waterway we want to construct the bridge over. I would like to know about your experiences with the mentioned company and its services. Have you ever used any type of containers from them? Was it satisfactory? What about durability and cost( especially for bulk purchases)?. Are they providing ISO-certified containers? Any comments on the container quality?
    We are committed to provide the most comprehensive solutions for your secure storage and customized shipping container needs. Contact us for a quote!
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