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Healthy diet plan to improve the vision - Any thoughts?

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  • Healthy diet plan to improve the vision - Any thoughts?

    I'm suffering from nearsightedness for the past 5 years. I have been wearing glasses since then. I'm uncomfortable to wear glasses. This is affecting my life as everyone is making fun of my appearance. I stopped attending functions or parties. By seeing my condition, one of my aunts suggested undergoing lasik eye surgery from a clinic in Hawaii. She said that after undergoing this procedure I no longer need to wear glasses. But I'm scared to undergo the surgery. How about maintaining a healthy diet plan? When I googled about my condition, I came across a blog which mentioned that foods can improve vision. Does anyone here has improved their vision by maintaining a healthy diet? Which are the foods that help to improve the vision? I'm thinking to follow a healthy diet to improve my vision. If it doesn't work, only then I will consider the surgery. Any thoughts?