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White mold in my salt water hot tub

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  • White mold in my salt water hot tub

    Over the past two months, we haven't used our salt water hot tub. Water had been replaced last time and balanced. Later this week, I noticed some white mold on my hot tub when I went to use it. Even though I schocked it with swcg, but it did nothing to the mold. I also tried dumping all the water and scrubbing it down and even sprayed every crack with bleach. Refilled it and of course, it came back the minute jets came on as it must have been stuck in the pipes. I just put a gallon of bleach in and let it run 20 hours and don't see any of the crap floating around anymore. I opened and closed all valves while running the water. The chlorine levels are off the charts, my bad.
    Do I need to buy a spa system flush or is there a cheaper alternative, or can I just cut my chlorine levels by adding peroxide back to normal and get all the rest in balance since I don't see much of the crap anymore? Do I have to replace my filters?
    I don't want this crap coming back. I've owned the spa for 8 years and never had this. I think possibly my filter isn't dropping and water isn't circulating when the spa isn't in use. Not sure, but once I get it in check I will be diligent about keeping the water balanced and seeing if anything else is wrong.
    My filters are 4 years old and uses the salt system normally. Has always been easy till now.

    Thanks for the help on what to do next.