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Security guard assaulted 54 girls at a primary school

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  • Security guard assaulted 54 girls at a primary school

    Such a sad news. I read an article mentioned about a guard assaulted 54 girls at a primary school ( I was about to recommend my school authorities to have a security guard at my daughter’s school. Because I heard many stories about the improper relationships happened in the school between the teacher and student, forced sexual assaults done by the teachers/staffs.
    I was very sad with this article. How a mom can tolerate such news when her daughter is just 6 years old. A 6-years old child doesn’t understand even if she is being assaulted by anyone. It is said that the child who is a victim of such assaults can cause emotional consequences in future. It causes PTSD, depression, personality disorder, sleep disorders, guilt, personal powerlessness etc. It disturbs the complete life of the child.
    How can we assure the safety of a child when she leaves school or when she is alone? You can protect your child from the stranger with the visitors passes or cards. But what if the culprit is in the same boat. Nothing can be done. Then how the safety is assured? How can we choose the best security guard for the school?