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Physiotherapy treatment for underactive thyroid?

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  • Physiotherapy treatment for underactive thyroid?

    Hey!! I'm 28 years old and living in Toronto. I have been suffering from muscle aches and tiredness for the past couple of months. Even though I'm under strict diet, I have put on weight. I don't know why this is happening to me now. It's my sister's marriage on December 10th and I'm concerned about all these health issues. I have consulted the GP in my province and he advised me to undergo the blood test. I was shocked when the GP said these are the symptoms of underactive thyroid. I researched online for a solution and found that physiotherapy treatment is effective for treating underactive thyroid. I know if I take medication for thyroid then I have to take it for the rest of my life. I just hate that. So I'm planning to schedule an appointment with a therapist in my province to discuss in detail about this. Has anyone here undergone physiotherapy treatment for underactive thyroid? Is it worth spending money? Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!!