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To take care of my grandmother

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  • To take care of my grandmother

    My grandmother is having health issues. She has frailty syndrome, one of the elderly diseases. Her health condition is very poor. She has become weak. She falls often and therefore needs assistance. I can’t stay at home since I go to work. My sister is pregnant so she can’t take care of grandmother on her own. My grandmother is sometimes reluctant to eat the food. Most of the time I have feed her so that she eats properly.She loves when I feed her. She has become more childish nowadays. There should be someone to take care of her while I am away from home. We thought of looking for some caregivers but I don’t know if they are efficient or not. Is it useful if we appoint a caregiver? We need someone to take care of her things. However, I have to consult home health care services in Toronto. Have you ever had any experience in home care?